Our Products

  • Magnetic Jewelry

    Magnetic Jewelry

    A natural and holistic alternative approach to pain management.
  • Nutritional Suplements

    Nutritional Suplements

    To provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities.
  • Natural Foods

    Natural Foods

    Minimally processed foods with ingredients that are natural products.

At the Health Food Cupboard we offer a wide variety of nutritional products and high quality supplements  Here are a few:

– High Quality Vitamins
– Minerals and Herbs
– Children’s products
– Gluten free foods
– Health and Beauty Products
– Tooth paste
– Deodorants
– Shampoos
– Conditioners
– Dr Bronners Natural Soaps
– Bar and Liquid
– Natural Sleep Aids
– Stress Relief Products
– Pain Products
– Weight Loss Products
– Dr Oz Suggested Products
– Herbal Teas
– Local Honey
– Help Aid Books for Health
– Cook Books
– Amino Acids
– Whole body detoxes
– Meal replacement bars and protein drinks
– Bariatric diet protein and vitamins
– Immune support items
– Essential oils
– Carrier oils
– Massage oils and more!

Check out our variety of local products like natural soaps, honey and other items produced right here in Pickaway County.